5 Marketing Tips for a Successful Content Strategy

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On 25 and 26 June, London’s Olympia Grand hosted the Marketing Week Live 2014 conference. This year’s event focused on the new era of marketing and the major challenges modern marketers need to face. Needless to say, the importance of the digital channel is constantly growing, highlighting the necessity for companies to implement an efficient content strategy.

For those who missed it, Mediavision’s team was there to bring back the best tips and advice on creating and managing a successful content strategy!

A quick reflection on content strategy before getting to the heart of the matter

Before starting


Saving Face: Don’t Make a $12 Billion Mistake

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When Brand Ambassadors Go Bad

Oh Luis Suarez. We’re halfway through the World Cup, and I can safely say that the defining meme for the tournament is that of the striker’s cannibalistic tendencies.

On the marketing side of things, however, sponsors are left to scramble for cover when their brand stars put a foot wrong…or in this instance, their teeth. (So many dental jokes, so little time.)

For instance, a giant poster of a snarling Suarez was taken down by Adidas, after it became a tourist attraction for fans to take selfies re-enacting the crowning moment.


Hijack the Bandwagon in 6 Steps

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Topical information is the key to driving social media content. Even for audience members who initially miss the real time incident that launches a social media frenzy, soon enough it will become a trending topic and will educate others online as to what scandalous event has occurred.

This week’s scandal was delivered by Luis Suarez, who was caught biting his third opponent in his football career. So what does that have to do with brands? Everything. Trending topics are likely to hit your timelines whether you love football or not. And because it’s causing such a stir, social media readers


Three PR Communication Lessons to be Learnt from the Uruguay vs Italy Game

Suarez Park1. Take the bite out of your PR communications

The only thing that cast a shadow across Uruguay’s win against Italy was another biting controversy involving Luis “The Biter” Suarez and Giorgio Chiellini. While it was a comic sight watching Chiellini run around waving his bite wounds for the ref to see, Suarez, who has already served a 10-match ban for a biting incident involving Chelsea defender Ivanovic, now faces a four month ban by FIFA disciplinary officials. In the heat of the game, was the bite really worth it?

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