Don’t Mind Us, We’re Just #Persieing.

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The latest World Cup viral sensation that has hooked the world is #persieing. It’s simply in praise of Robin van Persie’s wonder strike against Spain.

In the first two matches of the 2014 World Cup, Robin van Persie scored three goals for the Netherlands. But it was during the match against the former World Cup holders, Spain, when he scored the equaliser with a spectacular goal. As a result he has been dubbed the Flying Dutchman. Later, the hopes of every Spaniard in reclaiming the title this time around were dashed with a 5 -1 victory.

Unfortunately, he has


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Social Media Scores

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According to Tom Ramsen, global brand marketing director for Adidas football, “this will undoubtedly be the most social World Cup ever and probably the most social event in history.”

Indeed, social media seems to be scoring big time already: on Twitter alone there have been more posts about the World Cup before the opening game in Brazil than for the entire 2010 tournament. The World Cup is the perfect opportunity for businesses to make the most of the marketing opportunity by joining the craze in an interactive way on social media. We take a look at how some of the


Attention Local Businesses – Drive Foot Traffic with Web Assets

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tourist_smartphone_appsIn addition to the competition on the field, the FIFA World Cup is hotly contested by big brands, all vying to catch the fleeting attention of fans as Brazil takes centre stage. From massive sponsorship deals to clever ambush marketing campaigns, millions of dollars are spent in order to capitalise on this sporting spectacle. But beneath the glamorous Adidas, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s billboards and TV ads, local businesses are also set to make a small fortune from the massive influx of visitors- that’s if their business can be found.


Promotional Stunts at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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Marketing and advertising should at its core always deliver value to consumers. Be it for entertainment or informational purposes, there needs to be some sort of value, otherwise your marketing tactics or campaign will go on unnoticed by consumers who are dazzled by competitor brands. Now we’ve seen some bizarre promotional stunts during past World Cups, but what have us marketers gotten up to this year? In our latest blog post we take a look at brands that have implemented successful promotional campaigns thus far and evaluate those who haven’t.

There has been uproar among Brazilian locals who see the