25 Years of the World Wide Web – and How It’s Changed Marketing Forever

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Wednesday marked the unofficial birthday of the World Wide Web. Towards the end of the 80s, British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee proposed the idea of creating a digital network that would help scientists communicate more efficiently.  25 years on and the world has been changed forever. A letter in the post is long forgotten as we send a quick email or chat to our friend over Facebook, a night out at the cinema has become a night browsing through Netflix, and traditional advertising has evolved into multifaceted, meaningful marketing.



What is SEO – Should We Really Care?

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literal marketerWhenever I get asked what I do, nine times out of ten I refrain from using the term ‘SEO’ (especially with pre-baby boomers). For the less digitally savvy, the acronym is obscure even when expanded into the term ‘search engine optimisation’ or explained as ‘to optimise sites for search engines’. For those familiar with the term who do not work in the digital industry, it’s often recollected as ‘something to do with making websites rank in Google’ within a stream of other obscure acronyms such as PPC,


Good bye Privacy, Hello Online Hits

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George Orwell 1984When George Orwell’s book “1984” was released, the concept of being watched continuously by the “Big Brother” entity was a new and frightening concept. Many people were anxious about a nuclear war at the time, and feared becoming just another cog in the society wheel. Being monitored in their every move without the freedom to stop it was a frightening thought of many (and remains so today). Although no world war has broken out at the time, the concept of being watched has only grown with the introduction of security


Five Foundations for Smiling Agency Clients

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You get some good ones, some great ones and oh boy, you get some tough ones. Love them a lot, or a little less than that, clients are the reason any agency (and business) exists. With such a hefty weigh in on the priority scale, they are worth looking after as much as possible. As the clock ticks towards the financial year-end in April, we revise five foundations for healthy, flourishing client relations:

1. Talk it Through

Communication is the basis for any relationship and it’s no