Meet the new additions to the team

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We are happy to introduce the two new additions to our team…


Emma Gilbey joins our Digital PR department and Oceana Setaysha comes on board as a Digital Strategist.

To help you get to know them a little bit better we asked them a few questions.

Short Description about yourself?

E: A lover of all things creative and with my head always in the latest fashion glossies, I started my career studying BA English Language and running around London town interning with various PR agencies.  It was here that I


Bridging the Digital Divide

Most leading businesses have accepted the fact that today, departments and business functions have to become integrated in order to meet goals more efficiently. The same has occurred across both the advertising and marketing industries. Traditional marketing tactics are simply not as effective as strategies that are integrated with encompassing digital marketing strategies.

With the added pressure associated with the need for integrated strategies, many companies have implemented innovative campaigns to bridge the gap between the physical aspects of marketing and the digital.


In light of hardware store Lowe’s repositioning, BBDO New York created a clever campaign, “Never Stop Improving”,


Brand Experience – Consumers may be Aware of You but are they Engaged?

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In the Digital Age, the tools to build brand awareness, either for your personal or business brand, are readily available; from websites, blogs and forums to social media and mobile apps. How you present your brand and how you interact with your audience across these platforms is what makes users either feel good about engaging with you or look for other brands that they can fall in love with.

Awareness is great, but without a well planned, enticing, unique and consistent brand experience across platforms and mediums, engaging your audience and ultimately making

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What’s The Real ROI of Content Marketing?

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We all know that the traditional ideas around SEO are no longer effective. Moz already had a whiteboard session on how link building should become link earning – hence the push for content marketing. However, some agencies tend to cower away from it because how can you measure the success of content, regardless of how engaging it may be?

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Content, like diamonds, is forever

DJ Miller of the Content Marketing Institute pointed an invaluable fact. Unlike other forms of marketing where the value