Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm

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Broad-billed-Hummingbird-©-Tom-GreyAlthough Google’s new search algorithm was implemented last month, the company only officially announced it last week at a conference celebrating their 15th anniversary. The new algorithm, dubbed “Hummingbird”, affects around 90% of search results, and is designed to deal with longer and more complex search queries.

Hummingbird is also better suited to respond to voice search queries, and queries phrased in a conversational manner, e.g. “How do I boil an egg?”. As a result, Hummingbird is far more mobile-friendly that previous search algorithms, since


Not Provided 100% Of All Organic Search Queries – Now what?

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The day we have been dreading has arrived. `It was inevitable’ many would say, but now that it’s done, we need to work out “where do we go from here?” Google announced earlier this week that they have ‘secured’ all searches leading to organic search query referrer data to go

Considering that 70% of search queries are not provided anyway, maybe Google figured that they may as well take it that step forward and take it all away from us. They have what they want after all? Skibum at WebmasterWorld wraps it up rather nicely (and I tend to agree).


Opportunities for Paid Search in PR to provide a Win Win Strategy.

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Using paid search in conjunction with public relations may not be the most obvious combined SEM channel team for an overall effective strategy, but based on the fact that it takes time for the correct SEO optimisation measures to take effect and how easy it is to publish negative content, it is now essential that you combine the SEM channels into one effective win win online strategy.

There are several major benefits of focusing PPC in this context, as mentioned the first being to combat and distract from negative content online with search reputation management, whether it be reviews or


Top 10 PPC Mistakes to Avoid

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PPC Mistakes DohRunning a successful Adwords campaign is similar to working with a well oiled machine. Many little parts need to be functional in order for the account to perform at its optimal level. Below are a few mistakes that, if not avoided, can lead to less than optimal performance as well as missed revenue.

Here are MediaVisions top 10 mistakes to avoid:

10: Using Only Broad Match Keywords

When using only broad match keywords in your account you are essentially targeting searches that fall way outside the actual keyword you were hoping