No More Organic Reach on Facebook? Now What?

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Facebook for business

Facebook, a platform that agencies and brands alike have used over the years to spread their social seed, has been having some rather unpopular updates for businesses of late.

Where companies’ posts and status updates used to reach nearly everyone who liked their pages, Facebook has slowly been reducing this organic reach over the months until it has plummeted scarily close to the 0% mark. The reason for this? Officials say that they are hoping to return the site to its former glory as a social sharing


Our Favourite Spam-tertainment

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Blogs are undeniably an important part of a client’s online presence. However, along with the good exposure and brand growth that a blog brings, it also welcomes another guest: Spam. Indeed, that little comment button is a glowing invitation for any and all to share whatever is on their heart or mind.


This very MediaVision blog has evoked some very curious responses; we’d love to share some of the highlights:

1. Nellie with the mean sister told us her tragic story:

“Today, while I was at work, my sister stole


The Importance of Product Listing Ads

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Product Listing Ads (or PLA) have been available on Google Adwords since 2012. Initially free of charge, these ads soon adapted the same CPC (cost-per-click) model as text ads and started showing up much more frequently on our computer screens.


The old saying “an image is worth a thousand words” definitely applies to PLA as customers can visualize the item they are about to click on before visiting the advertisers website. Google will automatically show the most relevant products along with the associated image, price and product name instead of keyword match types, leading to a much


5 little truths why everyone should embrace the rise of digital PR

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 Effective Public Relations ensures that a positive representation of a company is maintained at all times.  The pace and rapid progression of the digital industry means that digital PR is a core part of an agency’s offering.    In an age where bloggers are continually transforming into esteemed brands in their own right, the past decade has created digital platforms to enable the art of storytelling and engagement 24/7.  The rise of digital has caused a major impact on the PR industry.  In a world where a brand can express their