10 Reasons You Know You Work in PR

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Summer is almost upon us and it’s a busy time for all PR agencies.  Here at MediaVision we are all to prepared for this time.  So here is what we can expect…..

1.       Life before your 1st coffee  

images (2)

2.   Your arrival at the office  


3.  Your response to an interruption whilst replying to your emails 

images (3)

4.  When you spell a journalists name wrong and hit send  

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Take the plunge – Switch to Google Tag Manager!

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Recently, the thing that really hit home for me was that we could have our hands on so much more useful info from our websites if we simply made the effort and switched to Google Tag Manager. I’ve set up event firing in the past, labelled up checkout forms and submit buttons with arduous code snippets and then shied away from it due to just how much effort it took to get right.

When recently faced with a new project on a tight timeline where I didn’t know what goals I was going to need to track,  I requested a


Summer Loving: How to Market Your Brand This Season

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Word of Mouth

While summer is a busy period for some, it can be a slow season for many businesses. However, with people going away on vacation or simply taking time off, summer can be an excellent time to build on existing customer relationships and take advantage of a slower pace to execute some long awaited campaigns.

Word of Mouth Marketing

When people get superior information from those they trust, they make informed decisions, and thereby feel empowered.  It is important to drive conversations and help clients become the most recommended and chosen brands in their category.


The World’s Coolest Offices

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Google office

Most of us that work a 9-5 job are stuck in clinical, fluorescent-lit cubicles throughout the day and feel lucky if our office has a snack shop of sorts. Those who find themselves in companies on the forefront of innovation, such as internet god, Google, have a much different picture to describe.

According to Fast Company, “Google employees of the world are zooming around on scooters, slipping down tube slides, playing on their indoor putting greens, and gloating about the awesomeness of their offices.” That is, if these spaces can even be considered to be offices!

As one Google spokesperson told

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