More Google Changes, Webmaster Tools Adds 90 Days of Search Query Data

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With all of the changes that Google has been introducing lately it’s a surprise we can all keep up. Another change has been added to their Webmaster Tools with both positive and negative effects. Google has now announced that one is now able to see up to 90 days of past data in Webmaster Tools Search Queries reports instead of the initial 35 days.

This may seem and inherently is a beneficial change and update in the Goggle Webmaster tools and many search engine optimisation specialists will have the opportunity to evaluate more historical data than before. However, other additional changes have been made to the free Webmaster Tools and much of its logistical interface has changed and shifted and there are some pitfalls associated with this change.

Google explains that when clicking on the date picker in the top right of Search Queries on the Webmaster tools home page, one is able to see back 3 months for a more accurate evaluation of historical data.

In further additions to the ability to see a more extended historical evaluation, one is able to view search query data as soon as you verify ownership of a site. Another feature is that one is able to gather data for the top 2,000 queries from which your site gets clicks.

Now for the bad news relating to Google’s Webmaster Tools changes; Goggle is removing three prominent key functions from the back end of Google Webmaster Tools to give further budget to newer innovations and functions. These are as follows:

•    The Subscriber stats feature
This Webmaster Tools feature which reports the number of subscribers to a site’s RSS or Aton Feeds will no longer be available via the via Webmaster Tools. Feedburner will now provide this information.

•    The Create robots.txt tool
This tool allows a way in which to create a robots.txt file which blocks certain pages and parts of one’s website to be crawled by Google. This feature is being removed due to low usage but is a fundamental tool in performing this function.

•    Site performance feature
This feature allows users to evaluate the average load times of a specific website and its pages. This feature too is being eliminated due to low usage.

The new change of increased historical data on offer in the Webmaster Tools will prove beneficial when evaluating past data but there are three significant features, two being important in the compliancy of a website, that are being eliminated. One is still able to access these features through different sites so it’s all about weighing up the odds of what ranks more important. Opinions vary in many a Search marketing agency.

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