April Sees A Record Breaking Amount Of Video Ads Viewed

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Online video and video ads have become both a prominent and prevalent occurrence on the Internet. Some statistics have been released and the numbers are interesting to say the least. If SEO services and advertisers have not jumped on this proverbial bandwagon, it is sure they will after seeing these numbers. In the United States alone, it has been evaluated that 181 million Internet users have watched nearly 37 billion online content videos in the month of April. The study was conducted by comScore Video Metrix and further records were broken with nearly 9.5 billion online video ads being viewed that month. These numbers represent 1 out of 5 videos viewed, which signifies a warming on the viewers’ behalf towards online video ads on YouTube, Facebook and Google.

Google sites in April 2012 that were inherently driven by video viewing on YouTube were ranked at top of the list in terms of views with 157.7 million unique viewers. This was followed by Yahoo sites with 53.6 million, VEVO with 49.5 million, Facebook with 44.3 million and then Microsoft sites with 42.8 million. This has signified the continued growth of certain sites with Google up 10.5%, Yahoo sites up 0.8%, VEVO depleting with the loss of 10.3%, Facebook down 5.1%, and Microsoft sites also down 8.0 %. This poses the question, what are Google and Yahoo doing for these improvements in online videos and ads?

There has also been a significant shift in the use Search Engine Optimisation in online videos and video ads and with the staggering numbers of views these videos are gathering, this is sure to become a cemented movement.

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