New AdWords Trademark Policy to Hit the UK

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adwords-logoPay Per Click advertising in the UK is about to change dramatically following an updated Google AdWords trademark policy. The change allows advertisers to use the trademarked name of the products they are selling – without owning the copyright or obtaining the owner’s permission. The new AdWords trademark policy initiated in the US last year allows users to bid on trademarked keywords, provided the advertised site actually does stock and sell the corresponding goods.

The AdWords policy update rolled out in the US in June 2009 and will become effective in the UK, Ireland and Canada on September 14. Most European countries will also be able to use trademarked text as of September. This is huge news for the PPC advertising industry, as the new AdWords trademark policy will increase the relevance of UK advertisers’ campaigns and allow them to compete with the larger companies who own the trademark rights. While advertisers will be pleased by the news, trademark owners will most likely not share their excitement about the AdWords trademark policy updates, as the bidding for their trademark name pushes up the cost per click.

In addition to the AdWords trademark policy, another AdWords development is the addition of ACE – AdWords Campaign Experiments. ACE allows advertisers to run two simultaneous versions of one campaign, meaning they can experiment and find the most effective text in half the time it would have taken with the conventional before-and-after analysis. ACE will greatly increase the effectiveness of the campaigns, regardless of whether the advertiser takes advantage of the new AdWords trademark policy or not.

In the ever-changing search marketing industry, it’s good to know that Google is constantly working on innovations to make the process more efficient – of course the new Adwords trademark policy will mean a boost to Google’s profits as advertisers attempt to out-bid each other, but many will feel that the increased marketing opportunities offered by the use of trademarked keywords are worth the cost.

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