Bing & Google need market share? Just buy it

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Market share is a clear indicator of how well a search engine performs, and affects the overall revenue the company can generate through advertising. Bing has made some strides since its launch in the attempt to challenge the mighty Google and their dominance in the search market – but over the past 2 years Bing has not shown much in terms of market share increases to become a viable competitor to Google – until perhaps now. How do the big players attempt to gain search market share? Buy it

Google has been known for striking deals with manufacturers such as Dell and Acer to include preloaded Google toolbars, resulting in the use of the Google toolbar in software applications like Adobe Flash, FireFox and their own mobile OS, Android, which has gained mobile market share incredibly with the adoption in the market.

Mobile OS Market Share

Bing on the other hand has also made efforts in this regard, aiming to increase the use of their search engine with a number of preloaded toolbar deals including HP and IBM, as well as software applications like AVG anti virus, Java and the sneaky Windows Priority Update that included the Bing toolbar. Bing’s latest efforts include “stealing” Skype away from Google as well as and their recent deal with Blackberry in May. Earlier this year in February, Microsoft also announced their partnership with Nokia, replacing Symbian for Windows 7 and adding Bing as the default search engine.

Looking at the acquisitions made over the last few years, Microsoft has seen a slow increase in their acquisitions – 2010 showing 0, with silent M&A activity which was labeled small in MS eyes, and therefore not officially announced. The 2011 Yahoo merger led to an increase in overall search market share. Market share for Bing has also seen a slow uptake over the past few years, but shows the biggest increase in the US for early 2011.

Bing US search market share growth

Bing seems to slowly be making the right moves in the market, choosing more wisely where and who to partner with to increase default use of the engine with preloaded toolbars – the same thing Google has been doing for years. So you need more market share in search? Buy it…

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  1. Dave says:

    I recently re-installed windows on my PC and subsequently had to re-install all my web browsers and other bits of software. Almost each installation came with the “make this my default” already ticked. Unless you unticked it, it would make whichever search engine/ browser etc your default before you knew it. This would catch a lot of people out if they
    didnt have any specific preferences.
    SO SNEAKY!!!

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