Content Writing Tips for Writer’s Block

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Being a copywriter isn’t always as easy as people make it out to be. “But you just sit there and write, it can’t be that hard”, which is fine until your mind goes blank. Writer’s block anyone? And as the deadline for the content writing looms closer, the mind gets emptier – if that’s possible. But I find the following tips help me come up with some ideas for the content writing jobs I’ve been given, which means I make my deadline and keep the client happy.

1. Q&A or a FAQ section

I know it sounds corny, but there are literally thousands of unanswered questions which relate to the product, service or topic that you are writing about. Find a suitable question (or questions) and start writing your answer and you’ll have instant online content. Q&A sections are also of use to an SEO agency as you can link your writing content to the services on their website.

2. Add specs to your product listings

If the company you are writing for sells products or offers services, you can write about the product specifications or go into detail about the services that are available. Add this content to the existing writing on the blog or website in HTML format, so that if readers want to find out about the specifications they can click down.

3. Write about something funny

You spend much of your day in the office so why not write about something the silliest, funniest or most coincidental thing that happened during your day at work. This is a great way to add web content that you readers will enjoy; just remember that your writing should be funny without being mean.

4. How about the best thing that happened to your industry

For example, when it comes to SEO content writing many writers were all about stuffing as many keywords into the content as possible. Google and its ever-changing algorithms are now focussing on fighting spam, which means content is less keyword-dense and therefore sounds more natural. Content farms are being taken care of and companies offering search marketing solutions can do their job more effectively.

So next time you’re staring at a blank screen consider these four tips to help get your creative juices flowing. As you practise your content writing more, coming up with ideas will get easier.

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