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The Importance of Setting GOALS! (and lots of them)

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Goal_Setting By goals, I don’t mean kicking a ball between two posts (as we already know this is extremely difficult for England). In this case I am referring to Goals set within Analytics and Adwords (as well as other 3rd party programmes), which are triggered when someone carries out a specific action within a website. This

5 Marketing Tips for a Successful Content Strategy

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Strategy On 25 and 26 June, London’s Olympia Grand hosted the Marketing Week Live 2014 conference. This year’s event focused on the new era of marketing and the major challenges modern marketers need to face. Needless to say, the importance of the digital channel is constantly growing, highlighting the necessity for companies to implement an efficient

PR and Its Tactics

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public-relations-tactics The rise of the digital age has turned PR on its head and caused the industry to rethink its tactics with regards to reaching out to journalists and influencers.  Traditional agencies refute the claim that the press release is retiring, whilst others rely on the telephone to communicate newsworthy stories to the press.  Then there

Adwords Dynamic Remarketing Essentials

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Google-AdWords-Remarketing During the month of April we set up Dynamic Remarketing campaigns for a few of our ecommerce clients and so far we have seen excellent results, achieving a conversion rate of 8.33% for one of our retail customers, targeting “Shopping basket abandoners” (these are customers who initiated the purchase process but opted out somewhere along

10 Reasons You Know You Work in PR

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public-relations-tactics Summer is almost upon us and it’s a busy time for all PR agencies. Here at MediaVision we are all to prepared for this time. So here is what we can expect working in PR agencies all over the world.

Summer Loving: How to Market Your Brand This Season

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Word of Mouth While summer is a busy period for some, it can be a slow season for many businesses. However, with people going away on vacation or simply taking time off, summer can be an excellent time to build on existing customer relationships and take advantage of a slower pace to execute some long awaited campaigns. Word

The Importance of Product Listing Ads

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jpg-worth-a-thousand-txt   Product Listing Ads (or PLA) have been available on Google Adwords since 2012. Initially free of charge, these ads soon adapted the same CPC (cost-per-click) model as text ads and started showing up much more frequently on our computer screens.   The old saying “an image is worth a thousand words” definitely applies to

5 little truths why everyone should embrace the rise of digital PR

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rise-of-digital-pr    Effective Public Relations ensures that a positive representation of a company is maintained at all times.  The pace and rapid progression of the digital industry means that digital PR is a core part of an agency’s offering.    In an age where bloggers are continually transforming into esteemed brands in their own right, the past