Facebook Says Goodbye To Your Ad Blocker

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Hello Adverts This week Facebook revealed that third party ad blockers would now become redundant against the social media giant. According to their latest release (9th August, 2016), “As we offer people more powerful controls, we’ll also begin showing ads on Facebook desktop for people who currently use ad blocking software.” What Does This Have

Change Your Facebook Page URL For a Second Time

facebook-business-page-name-change When starting a business page, Facebook allows users to select the name of the page and its URL. Unfortunately, if you happen to change your mind or your brand, they haven’t made it easy to alter that URL – until now. So if you haven’t been happy with the URL of your Facebook page for some

Imitation VS Innovation: Vol 2

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Social Media Innovation Part 2 It’s time for another round of Imitation versus Innovation; where we explore who’s breaking tech ground with new social media concepts and who simply relies on existing methods. If you haven’t read this before, feel free to check out Imitation vs Innovation vol. 1 on our blog.   IMITATION Twitter Engage to Reach Influencers Twitter

Social Media: Imitation VS Innovation

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From MySpace to Periscope, the world of social media has transformed the planet over the last 15 years; serving new technology and altering communication across the globe. But, in recent times, what once started as a new and ground-breaking form of communication, has swiftly moved to a ‘who did it first’ game. But, all hope

Courteous E-mourning or Tasteless Self-Promotion?

  On April 21st people all over the world united to pay their respects on social media for the passing of iconic legend, Prince. Unfortunately it seems that in today’s digital world, brands are yet to learn what the appropriate action is to take in this situation, if any at all. And if so, how
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Pro’s & Con’s of Instagram’s Multi-User Upgrade

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Social media managers across the globe have been frustrated for nearly five years due to Instagram’s inability to have multiple accounts. Why five years? Because that’s when Instagram was launched. And since the beginning of Instagram time it has made things complicated. Any time a social media manager has had to post to multiple accounts,

How to Get a Celebrity to Follow You on Twitter

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While Twitter might be a convenient platform on which to add your 2 cents about a football game or tweet your new outfit, the most successful tweets are about story telling. It’s about taking 140 characters and making your life/story/update interesting to those around you. The people with the most followers tend to offer one

How to Use Social Media to Promote a Project or Brand

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Social media is a powerful tool to gain exposure, whether you’re promoting a new project, product or brand. With these key stages and steps, you’ll be able to implement an effective campaign. Tip: Aim to build a community of targeted fans & followers and make them aware that something awesome is coming soon! It is
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