Google Under Fire!

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There are many guns to Google’s head at the moment, as the privacy battle rages on we’re reminded of the double-edged sword illustrating how users wish to be treated with a more integrated experience across all of Google’s services, but at the same time engage in that ever-growing demand for privacy of information. Chairman of

Viral marketing: panacea and pain

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Viral marketing is tricky because it is by nature unpredictable. You can create the most expensive viral ad in the world ever complete with A-list celebs and a rocking soundtrack, promote it in all the right channels and still have it flop. Or, you can slap something together with no resources, send it to a

The potential cost of an SERM crisis

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Last week, the Guardian broke the story about employees at PC World and “Currys” who had created a FaceBook group that mocked customers for their ‘stupidity’. It highlights the need for a good online reputation management strategy, and it astounds me that they didn’t have a scanning strategy in place. One of the worst comments

Twitter at school: It’s compulsory

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The continuing education of children everywhere is a topic that I find endlessly fascinating, and about which I have written before. I’ve spoken against focusing too much on incorporating web 2.0 trends in syllabi, especially at the cost of what I consider essential learning practices. But for some inexplicable reason, my wisdom has been largely
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Search Engine Reputation Management – (SERM) – A presentation

I presented this to everyone in the agency this morning, (always the toughest crowd around 🙂 ). SERM is something that is definitely a specialist an advanced stream of SEO and IMHO is the intersection of SEO and PR. Its critical that more PR agencies are aware of the practise, its uses and limits. Ive