Exclusive Report: Meet the Top Ranking Fashion Brands on Google

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  We set out to discover which fashion retailers are leading the way in today’s highly competitive online shopping environment.   Rising to the top of Google’s organic search results pages is no simple feat, yet online visibility is critical to a brand’s success. In fact, it’s estimated that every 1% increase in non-brand rankings results

Combining PR and SEO strategies – Good for Business or Absolute Necessity?

Combining-PR-and-SEO-strategies Just like almost every marketing method available, PR has had to evolve to a huge extent in order to remain valuable and effective in the digital age. Indeed, in the last decade, this rarely discussed aspect of a brand’s digital marketing efforts has proven itself to be a bigger contributor to a success than many

A World on the Go: How to Optimise for Mobile Search in 2016

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With the actioning of Google’s mobile friendly update in April 2015, optimising your site for mobile has become of absolute importance, especially since mobile searches have officially surpassed desktop in 2015. It is discernible that growth in mobile search will continue in 2016, and beyond. However, the trend towards mobile search is nothing new to

The Evolution of Hummingbird & RankBrain

Google RankBrain - Search Marketing Tips What You Need To Know About Semantic Search In October we learnt about Google’s latest development, RankBrain, an artificial intelligence system that uses pattern recognition to analyse complex (or ambiguous) search queries, and in turn, connects them to specific topics to deliver the most relevant search results to browsers. The advancement allows Google to serve users accurate

Google Will Rank Your Site Higher If It’s Mobile-Friendly

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Starting late April 2015, Google will be giving ranking priority to sites that are mobile-friendly. As more and more people start using their mobiles to access the internet, it makes sense that Google would change their algorithm to better suit their users. The search engine will now help mobile-friendly sites, as well as apps, rank

Getting your Website Health in Check for 2015

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site-health-check-2015-feature-box   While 2014 may have ended either in a flurry of rushed deadlines or a slow, lethargic wind down, it’s a brand new year which means it’s time for a fresh start and an injection of new energy into your website. Ensuring that you check your website is looking healthy can make all the difference

10 Things Learnt About SEO in 2014 – (SlideShare)

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10-things-i-learnt-about-seo-in-2014 Anyone working in digital marketing today will agree: the only constant is change. This is especially true if you look at the way SEO and search has evolved over the last few years. Whether you’re taking your first steps to setting up a compliant site or already the owner of a high authority domain, it’s

High Rankings for High Fashion

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SEO keyword strategy for fashion ecommerce Optimising a fashion ecommerce website is all about finding the right longtail keywords. This point is critical to ensure your meta data and your onsite descriptions are search engine- friendly, firstly to enable your website to appear in the search results, and secondly to encourage the users to click