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High Rankings for High Fashion

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480x320 SEO keyword strategy for fashion ecommerce Optimising a fashion ecommerce website is all about finding the right longtail keywords. This point is critical to ensure your meta data and your onsite descriptions are search engine- friendly, firstly to enable your website to appear in the search results, and secondly to encourage the users to click

Take the plunge – Switch to Google Tag Manager!

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tagmanager Recently, the thing that really hit home for me was that we could have our hands on so much more useful info from our websites if we simply made the effort and switched to Google Tag Manager. I’ve set up event firing in the past, labelled up checkout forms and submit buttons with arduous code

What is SEO – Should We Really Care?

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literal-marketer-300x243 Whenever I get asked what I do, nine times out of ten I refrain from using the term ‘SEO’ (especially with pre-baby boomers). For the less digitally savvy, the acronym is obscure even when expanded into the term ‘search engine optimisation’ or explained as ‘to optimise sites for search engines’. For those familiar with the

DickiesStore – Social Media Case Study

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case_study An integrated approach to digital marketing In March of 2013 a significant transformation took place in the manner in which social media was being looked at by the team at DickiesStore. Up until this point there were a few postings on their Facebook page of the specials they were running on their products. There was

Are You Tailoring Your Marketing for Mobile?

Source: Katigori Smart Marketers Bet on Mobile Smartphones are slowly taking over the way we communicate, including online. Today more than 56.8% Americans, 66.7% Britons use smartphones, and the numbers are expected to go up to 79.7% and 80.9% respectively by 2017. NewMedia reports that there are currently around 30.9 million smartphone users in the UK alone,

Distinguishing the Good Links from the Bad and Ugly

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Like everything else in life, you get the good, the bad and the just plain ugly. With online links this is no different. Unscrupulous (or just plain lazy) digital marketers have become incredibly skilled at dressing up and disguising rather ugly links in an effort to fool search engines and to sell empty promises to

“How Search Works” Drives Home Importance of User

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The inner workings of the Google machine have long been something of extreme wonder and the Google algorithm is somewhat of a holy grail to digital marketers. In an effort to bring web developers, digital content creators and online users closer to understanding search, or more specifically Google search, the search engine giant has launched

No Bed of Roses: Interflora and UK News Sites Suffer Google PageRank Fall From Grace

One thing you can’t really fault Google on is their transparency. The search giant is all about supporting quality, engaging content and the sharing of such content, but sternly frowns upon those who use underhanded tactics in an endeavour to boost their status in the eyes of Google. As a result, last week they came