The Birth, Life and Death of the Franken-Meme: Part Two

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Yesterday we discussed the nature of the meme and how it functions including how one is born. Today we’ll continue using Frankenstein’s monster as a metaphor for the immense power of the meme and conclude its life stages. Growth This stage is the most difficult to predict. Why does one video I share with my

The Birth, Life and Death of the Franken-Meme: Part One

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Viral marketing – a buzzword thrown about with so much enthusiasm you would believe it was the rediscovery of long lost fire. While many will set out to create marketing campaigns with an eye on ‘viral’, no one can say they’ve truly stolen Prometheus’ fire as the downside to the ‘meme’ phenomenon is that it

Cape Town’s Mozcation Seminar Highlights ‘Nudgier’ Trends for 2013

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Seattle-based SEOmoz needs no introduction in the world of SEO, so it was with great excitement that the Cape Town MediaVision team set off to meet the Dalai Lama of our industry, Rand Fishkin, in the flesh. This instalment of the #Mozcation was lucky enough to be hosted in our own backyard and the promises

SEOMoz Hits the Mother City

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The global thought leader and authority in search marketing and SEO is making a grand stop in Cape Town to meet and engage with local industry professionals about what’s happening now in SEO, and what we can expect from the future. The SEOMoz team embarked on a 2012 Mozcation tour last year (which has evidently

The Brighton SEO Conference Maps the Future Vistas for SEO

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Considered one of the biggest events in the United Kingdom for search specialists, the Brighton SEO Conference has left a trail of breadcrumbs for professionals wanting to keep up with the times and stay relevant as optimisers. Similar to Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection, Philip Sheldrake’s presentation on the future vistas for SEO highlighted

LONDON SEO Pro training seminar – October 2009

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We decided to invite a few of our staff over to attend this year’s training since they were having it in our back yard at the Imagination Gallery this year. @BrettPringle and @SandyCosser came through to share some time in the office and meet some of the speakers. There was a lot of information presented,

MediaVision Presentation – To Ezine or Not To Ezine

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As operations director at MediaVision I often need to evaluate the effectiveness of any work we do. There has been a bit of a running debate as to where we can get the best bang for our buck (or in this case our content). Do we release it to Ezines or do we hoard it

Who, what, where, when – Crowd sourcing: a presentation

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Crowd sourcing is a fascinating phenomenom that draws on the ‘wisdom of crowds’ to solve problems, find inspiration, gather information and tap into the knowledge of a select public to further company aims. It’s used quite a lot; sometimes it’s successful and sometimes it’s not. The most successful example is probably Threadless, a Chicago-based t-shirt