Combining PR and SEO strategies – Good for Business or Absolute Necessity?

Combining-PR-and-SEO-strategies Just like almost every marketing method available, PR has had to evolve to a huge extent in order to remain valuable and effective in the digital age. Indeed, in the last decade, this rarely discussed aspect of a brand’s digital marketing efforts has proven itself to be a bigger contributor to a success than many

PR-Press Relations: A Changing Dynamic

  This year marks my third working within the PR Industry, and even though it seems like a short amount of time, I’ve experienced more than a few changes to the relationships between PR and the media…     Then Having started my PR career in-house, I was somewhat eased into my first-ever relationships with the press. Back then,

What is Digital PR? – Your Top 5 PR Questions Answered

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MediaVision Digital PR We’ve answered the 5 most common questions people ask a Digital PR agency and busted some of the myths about how Digital PR fits into your brand’s marketing strategy. We did this with the help and expertise of Jodie Harris, our Head of Digital PR, and hope you find these definitions and tips helpful! 1. What is Digital PR?

Why go Viral?

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Viral marketing has proven to be very successful for many online companies, so long as they get it right. That`s the trick though: to get it right. There are many reasons why viral marketing can sometimes hit the mark, and will at other times slither into underground territory where no one takes any notice of
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Make the most of your online profile management

Creating a thriving presence online among an array of social media sites can be taxing on your time and resources. There are so many choices out there that it can become confusing when deciding on which platform/s you want to create your profile, and with which communities you want to get involved. It`s best to
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Ever had a piece of bad press circulated online about you or your company?

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If you answered yes to the question, then this is a necessary read that contains some helpful resources for healing the damaging effects of bad press. I came across an article by Jeff Quipp on the Search Engine People Blog, which discussed burying negative posts that may have surfaced online about you or your company.

Their experience is part of your service

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I want to talk about monetised destination sites that have fluid user experience, and that reel in the absolute ceiling in conversions. What`s interesting is that even if the site/action/services are complicated, the structure and feel of the site makes short work of them. It`s not unusual to order something online – book a flight

Getting your brand promoted to the next level

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There are many ways in which to promote your brand online, but it is vital that you find the way most beneficial to your site. Ensuring that your brand is being promoted through the right channels, and in a positive light, can make or break your company`s reputation and status. There are many routes you
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