Google Will Rank Your Site Higher If It’s Mobile-Friendly

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Starting late April 2015, Google will be giving ranking priority to sites that are mobile-friendly. As more and more people start using their mobiles to access the internet, it makes sense that Google would change their algorithm to better suit their users. The search engine will now help mobile-friendly sites, as well as apps, rank

Google Officially Launches AdWords for Video Advertising

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Google has just released major changes to their AdWords platform that is set to heavily influence the way video advertising is purchased in the future. Just as Google has done with targeted online advertising through Google AdWords in the past, so they are set to do with video advertising from here on. Much like the

Social Video Marketing & SEO: Moving With The Times

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As one debate loses a bit of steam, another raises its head to amuse, confuse and, eventually, prove its worth in the world of online marketing. This time it’s not between SEO experts but rather between companies and those who still swear off social video marketing rather opting to stick with traditional marketing. They need

2011 is the year for Online Video

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Last year saw the incredible rise of social media, including networking online and sharing of content (images, music and online video) with friends. The primary social media platforms which also offer online video hosting – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – facilitate the sharing of digital content and provides the means for content to go viral.

Multimedia makes for better online business

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Websites which integrate multimedia content into their presentation tend to have a higher conversion rate than those that do not. Multimedia such as video, podcasts, or interactive animation, graphics and other features add different dynamics to a website. Visitors are able to engage with more content in different ways, keeping them interested in your site

Internet learning styles: what they can tell you about your target market

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I spent my first graduate years immersed in the education field, from assisting in the university to teaching English at summer camps to fund my travels. What I learnt from my time as an educator, among other things, is that everybody has their own learning style. These learning styles have become of particular interest to

The best of both worlds

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Web design has come a long way over the past 5 years. With new technologies coming up, more bandwidth, and faster browsers, designers have had opportunities they have never had before. The emergence of new programming mediums such as video streaming, flash and CSS technologies have opened up new design concepts across the web. With

Online Video SEO for SMBs

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There is quite a fuss being made about how online video SEO (search engine optimisation) can help most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Using video as a method of enticement can substantially increase your website traffic and also your conversion rates. Many are already using online video SEO to help drive actions and sales, but