The Impact of Accelerated Mobile Pages on User Experience

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Google AMP AMP’s – What You Need to Know Google’s implementation of accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) raises questions about user experience. Web pages to now load four times faster on mobile devices than ever before. The AMP Project website launched by Google to keep us up to date on the AMP strategy. Websites with slow loading time

Are You Tailoring Your Marketing for Mobile?

Smart Marketers Bet on Mobile Smartphones are slowly taking over the way we communicate, including online. Today more than 56.8% Americans, 66.7% Britons use smartphones, and the numbers are expected to go up to 79.7% and 80.9% respectively by 2017. NewMedia reports that there are currently around 30.9 million smartphone users in the UK alone,

These Stats Should Change Your Strats as Mobile Search Gets Serious

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Mobile call measurement provider, Telemetrics and Mobile-location based advertising network, xAd recently teamed up to furnish us with a wonderful set of statistics focused on mobile user engagement in the U.K. The study was conducted by the guys at Nielsen and if you, like me, are generally fascinated by relevant statistics then their findings should
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Increase in Mobile Devices Set to Total More than Humans by 2017

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According to the United States Census Bureau (USCB) the current global population stands at 7.3 billion. That’s a lot of bodies. However, when one considers that mobile devices are set to equal humans, by 2013 and outnumber us by 2017. It’s mind-blowing to see how the world has come to rely on mobile phones, tablets,

Patents are a Virtue: Google Finally in Control of Mobile Search Blend

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It couldn’t be ignored for much longer. Addressing mobile search engine optimisation was inevitable. But to what degree would SEO companies have to optimise their content for off-desktop usage? In this post I’ll be looking at the passing of a patent application by Google, predicting a greater focus on mobile pages/versions in mobile search results

Holidays Welcome Higher Mobile Searches and Ad Clicks

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The festive season is about to get into full-swing and a recent incident of holiday-related retail spikes has already passed in the US. Labor Day provided analysts with the opportunity to compare searches from smartphones and tablets as well as mobile ad clicks against regular trading days. Related posts: No related posts.

Mobile Devices Account for Almost Half of all Olympic-Related Searches

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There is no sporting event in the world that captures global attention quite like the Olympic Games does. That being said, this occasion provides a large enough sample population to broadly examine how people are searching for Olympic-related material. The findings reveal that mobile devices account for almost fifty percent of all search sources on the Internet,

Is Mobile SEO Smart SEO?

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Google and Bing have just recently revealed their preference when it comes to mobile search; it’s more beneficial to operate under one URL. However, mobile SEO is not exclusively based around this principle of responsive design. One URL. One Message. Responsive design refers to the smooth transference of a website across various devices (PC, mobile,