Attention Local Businesses – Drive Foot Traffic with Web Assets

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local-optimisation In addition to the competition on the field, the FIFA World Cup is hotly contested by big brands, all vying to catch the fleeting attention of fans as Brazil takes centre stage. From massive sponsorship deals to clever ambush marketing campaigns, millions of dollars are spent in order to capitalise on this sporting spectacle. But

2012’s Top Trending UK Searches Revealed

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A fridge says a lot about the person who owns it; old food may indicate apathy, lots of condiments could show someone eating out often and a lot of organics illustrates health consciousness. This principle works just as well for compiling search terms when every year it becomes clear what topics were most prevalent on

Google Places the Key to Local Business Rankings

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Google Places is being hailed a ‘key SEO strategy’ for startup businesses wanting to make a dent in the search stratosphere. Ever wondered whether your company could rank on the first landing page of Google search results? Using Google Places to up your business ranking, your digital domination of the number 1 search results is

Staying on top of local search: ranking and tracking made easy.

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When I think of local search, I think of the old fashioned Yellow Pages Directory, but less turning of those thin pages that stick together and more of instant results. Many businesses feel that putting all of their marketing expenditure and effort into their website only will be enough to sell their products and services.

Google getting more local with search

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In the first week of April, Google announced changes to search results for local queries, such as restaurants and dentists, etc that would use a location based search such as dentists in Bristol. To make searches easier results are tailored to match the users IP address without having to type the location within the search

Google – The early warning system

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An interesting deviation from Google Trends is turning out to be an early warning system for Flu outbreaks. When millions of people start searching for “Flu symptoms” this collective data results in an accurate regional picture of impending flu outbreak, so much so that early tests by Googles philanthropic unit suggest being able to
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Google Map invades privacy rights

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In May, Google launched a new feature to Google Map called Street View. This option allows the average user to see in virtual and “real time” shots of most of the United States, from a street perspective. These options includes features, such as taking virtual walks or tours through your favourite US city, for example