Four DIY Steps to Link Pruning

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In my last article I introduced you to the concept that may or may not have been coined ‘link pruning’ by SEO specialist Bruce Clay. I also predicted it would be a major trend that gets going with the intention of sorting out the rubble left in the wake of the penguin update. So now

Post Penguin Prey: IAcquire De-Indexed from SERPs

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While many SEO agency clients have felt the effect of post penguin life in the world of search engine rankings, IAcquire have been the first link building company pecked to death by the latest Arctic animal assault. After a long and detailed factual report of paid blackhat linkbuilding activities post penguin, Google has de-indexed all

Link Pruning May Be the Answer to the Not-So-Happy Feet Update

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So the once unassuming and cute penguin has now become an object of fear and nightmares for many site owners across the net but from the wreckage a new question arises; how can I rebuild my ranking if I’ve been hit by the Penguin update? The once great Bruce Clay has offered up some sound

London SMX coverage: Link Alchemy: Creative Ways Of Conjuring SEO Gold

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Moderator: Christine Churchill – Key Relevence Speakers: Patrick Altoft – Branded 3 Rob Millard – Distilled Kelvin Newman – Site visibility Pete Wailes – Strategy Internet marketing   This session was about the age old topic of link building and various panellist’s tips and experiences. Patrick Altoft – Branded 3 In their experience page rank

SEO Tips: Internal Linking 101!

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So many SEO professionals and agencies are constantly focusing on obtaining quality external links to their websites from guest blogs and content networks etc. that they completely forget about the importance of internal linking and how much of an effect it can have on a website. There are numerous ways in which internal linking can boost your site’s presence, this article takes a look at a few of them…

Cra… pardon, “outdated” Link Building techniques

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With all the various articles on how “SEO is evil” or “SEO doesn’t work” etc etc news that crop up occasionally (especially Jill Whalen’s “Most of SEO is boondoggle” article) I’ve had the urge to rip apart the monthly promotional/link building tactics some  SEO companies still pitch to clients, especially when they make a big
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Search: should personalised mean pessimistic?

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Google goals Google is going to analyse your surfing behaviour in order to derive more relevance to use in serving you personalised search results, for example: Have you created a personalised Google homepage with feeds? Do you use iGoogle? What have you been searching for? Do you click through results and click back or actually
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The Power in Words

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One of the common SEO link building techniques is commenting on blogs. This may be a bit time consuming, especially when you want to earn lots of incoming links to your site. But is it really helpful? The answer is yes. By generating incoming links to your site, you create a good reputation among other