The Meal, The Murderer And The Missing Cheese Board

MediaVision staff function A head’s up on what actually went down at this years’ MV Cape Town end-of-year function… We’d like to report back on an entirely respectable MediaVision Cape Town office end-of-year party.Unfortunately, however, some might consider that “short of the truth”. (We were joined by the UK’s Louis and Tom, and were tempted to pin this

How to Deal With a Social Media Disaster

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As easy as it seems, being relevant, friendly and professional on social media in any given situation is an art form. In one of my earliest internships I remember a storm brewing on a brand’s Facebook page as two die hard fanboys argued over the celebrity ambassador we used at the time. It was 2011

Digital Growth Day to Night

Digital Growth Yesterday marked our calendars as one comprised of insurmountable hours of stress and prep, but thankfully resulted in success. Those following our social media posts have most likely been bombarded with our excitement surrounding #DigitalGrowthDay followed by the #DigitalSummerParty.  We expected a full day, jam-packed with digitally-targeted seminars and were not disappointed. We were delighted

Marketing Campaigns: Funny Christmas Advertisements

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christmas-tinner Not everyone likes Christmas. Marketers know this, and some of them have decided to target those people. A bit of culture before the entertainment… Every year, on the 25th December, Christian countries are celebrating Christmas values. I think most of us really love Christmas for its magical spirit; all those lights, those gifts wrapped in

5 Things Twitter Taught Us About The Commonwealth Games

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commonwealth-games-marketing The amount of times I’ve said to my Mum, “Yes Ma, I saw it on Twitter…” can’t actually be quantified. Twitter is more than a place for the globe to park their opinions, it can also be used to inform, update and educate those who follow trends. Last week saw the launch of the Glasgow

Don’t Mind Us, We’re Just #Persieing.

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granpa-persieng The latest World Cup viral sensation that has hooked the world is #persieing. It’s simply in praise of Robin van Persie’s wonder strike against Spain. In the first two matches of the 2014 World Cup, Robin van Persie scored three goals for the Netherlands. But it was during the match against the former World Cup

Digital Marketing Takes the Lead

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digital-world-cup The 2014 FIFA World Cup is more digital than ever before. The start of the FIFA World Cup is less than a week away and that means brands across the world are making the most of the building hype. We all know how it goes when football fever starts to heat up. Within what feels

Ten Online Advertising Fails

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social-fails Everyone is allowed to make mistakes, right? Unfortunately, however, when it comes to the internet, advertising or campaign failures are no private affair- expect shares, tweets and articles when things go wrong. From campaign fails to poorly placed ads, we look at some of the biggest advertising failures: Social Media Campaign Fails Social media unites