Exclusive Report: Meet the Top Ranking Fashion Brands on Google

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Fashion-Search-Performance-Report-MediaVision   We set out to discover which fashion retailers are leading the way in today’s highly competitive online shopping environment.   Rising to the top of Google’s organic search results pages is no simple feat, yet online visibility is critical to a brand’s success. In fact, it’s estimated that every 1% increase in non-brand rankings results

2015: 10 Years of Cyber Monday

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2 MV When you think of Cyber Monday, is it a fairly new or fairly old concept to you? If it’s fairly old, then you may be American. If it’s fairly new, you may be British. Cyber Monday turns 10 this year, but it has only been practised in the UK for the last six years and

The Rise of the Multi-Screen Phenomenon: What Multitasking Means for Digital Marketers

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In the digital age of a two-second attention span, multi-screening has become more prolific than ever. As the name suggests, multi-screening refers to the use of multiple digital devices at once, for example, mobile phones and the television. Sequential screening occurs when you move between devices, whilst simultaneous screening involves the use of two devices

The Future of High Street Rests on the Shoulders of UK Retailers

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We are no strangers to forecasts predicting the end of brick and mortar consumerism; a trend that encompasses the rapid growth of e-commerce in an emergent Internet era. As a result, large parts of the global business sector appear to be struggling with customer bases that have begun to “shop” in multiple ways. In the

Comic Relief- an ageless campaign that just gets bigger and better

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If one question is asked today at work or school it will be ‘Did you watch Comic Relief?’ For most of the nation, the answer will be a solid yes and this is because for one night out of the whole year we sit down and watch with anticipation to see what (and more importantly

Google and Adwords: Stranger Than Fiction

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Read any blog or article that relates to the digital advertising industry and you will soon realise that nearly all posts out there are no laughing matter. The posts are about serious strategy recommendations, the latest automated tool that will take away all of our jobs and in-depth industry analysis. However, this post is going

Brands and the public show nothing but Tweet love for Valentine’s Day

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The build up to February the 14th is guaranteed to bring one of the following three emotions: excitement to shower or be showered by presents by the loved one, complete hatred for the day dedicated to smitten couples or utter indifference for the seasoned couple who can enjoy a romantic moment any day of the

Online Christmas Shopping more Convenient than Santa

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Online Christmas shopping now encompasses everything from gifts, to festive decor and even trees. You can get anything you need on the web, a convenient fact that many people have shown unveiled willingness to take advantage of. Unsurprisingly perhaps, consumers are more reluctant than ever to enter the battle of the busy shopping mall when