The UK Agency Awards Nominated Us For Best PR Campaign

MediaVision nominated in the UK Agency Awards 2017   We’ve been nominated for Best PR Campaign at this year’s UK Agency Awards for our work in the fashion industry. Whoop whoop!  With a focus on agencies and how they channel their creativity and insights, which is usually reserved for clients to market and grow their own brands, the awards are the first of

MediaVision Wins Best Digital Content Marketing at the 2017 Property Marketing Awards

MediaVision wins a 2017 Property Marketing Award for Best Content Marketing We just got named best digital content marketers at this year’s Property Marketing Awards!     We’re exceptionally proud to have won the Best Digital Content Marketing award for our work with the world’s largest office broking service, Instant Offices – thank you Property Marketing Awards!  Our Approach to Content  Back when we decided to launch

Combining PR and SEO strategies – Good for Business or Absolute Necessity?

Combining-PR-and-SEO-strategies Just like almost every marketing method available, PR has had to evolve to a huge extent in order to remain valuable and effective in the digital age. Indeed, in the last decade, this rarely discussed aspect of a brand’s digital marketing efforts has proven itself to be a bigger contributor to a success than many

PR-Press Relations: A Changing Dynamic

  This year marks my third working within the PR Industry, and even though it seems like a short amount of time, I’ve experienced more than a few changes to the relationships between PR and the media…     Then Having started my PR career in-house, I was somewhat eased into my first-ever relationships with the press. Back then,

Traditional vs Digital PR – A Converts Opinion

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tradition-vs-digital-PR Looking back to just 16 years ago, PR agencies hardly existed, much less the distinction between traditional and digital PR. The digital world was just a futuristic concept – something we were looking forward to getting to know. As time went on, some agencies embraced the new digital world. These agencies are now fully fledged digital agencies, leaving

How To Make Service Clients Newsworthy

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If your business offers a service as opposed to a product, it can seem like implementing digital PR into your strategy is impossible. Deciding what to attempt to sell in to the press can be difficult. For example, while fashion brands have plentiful products that can be used to sell in to the press, your business probably won’t. However, Digital PR

The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Agency

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As someone who has worked as an in-house PR Executive, an Account Executive at a traditional PR agency and now as a Digital PR Executive, (without being biased) I can tell you how vital Digital PR is and why it is essential for brands, even if they already have an in-house PR/ external agency. Like

A Survival Guide for Digital PR Interns

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You’ve finished your degree. In other words, you’re mourning the loss of your student discount, interest free loan, mid-week lie ins and probably the saddest one of them all – the free cheeseburger you used to get with every McDonalds meal. It’s not all doom and gloom from here though. If you follow your interests