How Digital Marketing Helped Secure Record Earnings for the 2016 London Marathon

Digital Marketing and the London Marathon   Having raised £716 million for charity since launching 34 years ago, the London Marathon has become the largest annual fundraising event in the world and broken its own Guinness World Record eight times in a row. With effective marketing having played such a pivotal role in making the event such a widespread success, we

Google Shopping: Advanced Segmentation, Targeting and Optimisation

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Google Shopping, Advanced Segmentation, Targeting and Optimisation Segmentation is key for the success of any digital marketing strategy. It allows us to easily target and optimise the multiple items within a Shopping Feed that deliver the best results by re-allocating our investment to maximise ROI. At MediaVision, we combine the power of Search, Display and Social to maximise exposure for our client’s

LFW Roundup – How Digital Gave Us Access to Fashion

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Burberry London Fashion Week As London Fashion Week is set to finish off, we have a look at the round up of digital innovations in the past week and how digital marketing is continuing to give us, the common man (or woman), access to the magical world of fashion. In my last post on London Fashion Week earlier in

A Guide to Implementing a Content Marketing Strategy

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There’s been a lot of discussion about who’s doing it, how they’re doing it, and who they’re doing it with – we’re talking about content marketing, of course. This channel is one of the fastest-growing in the digital sphere, and a recent study by Econsultancy has reaffirmed the significance of content marketing: 80% of global
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Timing is Everything

post_campaign_timing (2) Implement Your Campaign Through This 6 Month Strategy If you’re in marketing, you would have learnt (many of us the hard way!) that sound planning leads to agility in your marketing strategy. Without constant strategising, you may miss out on valuable opportunities that are associated with shopping seasons and events such as summer, Valentine’s Day, and

Things (NOT) To Do With Your Christmas Marketing Campaign

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Xmas_campaign_donts If you’re in the business of marketing by now you will surely have realised that it is all about Christmas this time of the year. You understand that great campaigns are not something that you can create overnight and hence the importance of planning ahead. We’ve already covered some of the most successful campaigns of

Marketing Campaigns: Funny Christmas Advertisements

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christmas-tinner Not everyone likes Christmas. Marketers know this, and some of them have decided to target those people. A bit of culture before the entertainment… Every year, on the 25th December, Christian countries are celebrating Christmas values. I think most of us really love Christmas for its magical spirit; all those lights, those gifts wrapped in

Sack of Coal or Christmas Goal?

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xmas_campaigns Here’s How to Plan a Fantastic Festive Campaign. It’s arguably the biggest event in the retail calendar, and according to Bloomberg, last year’s UK Christmas retail sales beat forecasts with a record increase. Most retailers plan their festive campaigns long in advance, so if you haven’t thought ahead to the season of Santa, you’d better