New Customer Acquisition Should be Top Priority for Brands & Online Retailers

new-customer-acquisition It is important, now more than ever, to get in front of the right users, at the right time, with the right product and there is no better way of doing this than through digital marketing. Users are researching, discovering and buying more online each year. While retailers are focusing their budgets more from offline

How Digital Marketing Helped Secure Record Earnings for the 2016 London Marathon

Digital Marketing and the London Marathon   Having raised £716 million for charity since launching 34 years ago, the London Marathon has become the largest annual fundraising event in the world and broken its own Guinness World Record eight times in a row. With effective marketing having played such a pivotal role in making the event such a widespread success, we

How To Start A Podcast To Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

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how-to-make-a-podcast Podcasting has been around for several years, but its popularity has begun to grow at an incredible rate as many realise there’s still a gap in the market for great podcasts to flourish. Although tough, there are a large number of direct and indirect benefits to podcasting that we’ll cover in this blog. Podcasts have the

7 Integrated Digital Marketing Questions Answered

Integrated Marketing Running digital channels in silos to get short term results works, but if you’re set on exceeding expectations in the long term, an integrated strategy is the only way to grow. These four marketers tell us how and why cross channel marketing creates better opportunities for brands.   Why should we avoid standalone SEO? When SEO
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Integrated Marketing – 5 Specialists Share Their Insights

Digital Marketing Insights How do other agencies approach integrated marketing, SEO, web development and conversion rate optimisation? We asked these UK digital specialists to tell us:   Why is Search Phrase Analysis data important when planning the information architecture of a site? Supermarkets use data to plan their store layout so that it reflects shopper needs and behaviours

Timing is Everything

post_campaign_timing (2) Implement Your Campaign Through This 6 Month Strategy If you’re in marketing, you would have learnt (many of us the hard way!) that sound planning leads to agility in your marketing strategy. Without constant strategising, you may miss out on valuable opportunities that are associated with shopping seasons and events such as summer, Valentine’s Day, and

5 Steps to a Successful Christmas Campaign

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successful_xmas_campaigns Christmas is only a few months away and if you have not started working on your Christmas campaigns, it is time to get going. Here’s a look at the top campaigns from 2013, why they worked and how you can achieve success in 2014. Many brands spend most of the year preparing for the holidays.

Bridging the Digital Divide

bridge-the-digital-divide Most leading businesses have accepted the fact that today, departments and business functions have to become integrated in order to meet goals more efficiently. The same has occurred across both the advertising and marketing industries. Traditional marketing tactics are simply not as effective as strategies that are integrated with encompassing digital marketing strategies. With the