Serving Nachos for Dessert; Why Audience Analysis Matters

Listening to Your Audience is the only way to understand what they truly want. Creating content for a digital audience often feels like running a restaurant, complete with screaming people, flying dishes and weird smells. For content creators and restaurateurs alike, it’s absolutely vital to understand what a target market wants right now, and to develop the kind of relationship with those people that allows you to gather that

What kind of digital creative are you? [interactive]

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digital_agency_desk_selfies If you spend eight to 24 gruelling hours a day toiling in cyber space, manipulating the written word, hash tagging errythang, decoding briefs and generally just dicking around…you probably work at a digital agency. With this interactive and intimate look at the real desk lives of 5 digital creatives, you just might recognise a little bit of yourself.   Hover and

So Your Content Marketing Campaign Failed? Here’s 8 Reasons Why

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Content marketing Content Marketing is nothing new and has been around since the very first advertising and marketing agencies started promoting their clients. Utilising content as part of your overall marketing strategy is essential, but where the difficulty arises is how to do this effectively using digital media available to us in the modern age. There are

David Abbott – The Man, The Legend

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David_Abbott- It’s with a weary heart that the marketing world says goodbye to leading industry figure David Abbott, who passed on Saturday 17 May at the age of 75. Abbott, a legendary copywriter whose name has become synonymous with advertising, was trained directly by the two most famous admen of all time: David Ogilvy and Bill

Copywriter Confidential: The Best Writers Aren’t Writers

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Since joining MediaVision as a copywriter in 2010, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a talented team with a passion for what they do. My time here has also changed the way I think about writing, and about writers, for good. It’s a commonly held belief that successful copywriters are perfectionists with a dedication

The Pen Is Mightier than the Anchor Text

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As a recent initiate into the world of SEO and digital marketing, one thing I have found troubling is the tendency of many in the industry to sacrifice quality for quantity, particularly when it comes to content and search phrases. Anchors Away There is a great need for a more organic incorporation of anchor text
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Google Authorship Replaces Metrics with People

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Having recently implemented Google’s Authorship Program on our own blog, it was quite a thrill seeing my fellow colleagues’ faces (all stud-muffins) next to their blog posts in search results. 90% of tech bloggers don’t use it, why should I? Stats that were released at the end of September show that only 9% of tech

Attack of the Clones – Google Targets Duplicate Content

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As Google matures even further via sophisticated updates to the algorithm and all the anarchy that causes, so too does it put itself in a better position to get what it wants. What Google wants to do now is curtail duplicate content; it has the means and the desire to do so. There are many