MediaVision Wins Best Digital Content Marketing at the 2017 Property Marketing Awards

MediaVision wins a 2017 Property Marketing Award for Best Content Marketing We just got named best digital content marketers at this year’s Property Marketing Awards!     We’re exceptionally proud to have won the Best Digital Content Marketing award for our work with the world’s largest office broking service, Instant Offices – thank you Property Marketing Awards!  Our Approach to Content  Back when we decided to launch

Hearing Users through the Noise of Advice

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Content marketing best practices are all about creating content for users and not for Google. Hearing Users through the Noise of Advice If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that content marketing is like Hansel… so hot right now. It’s a blessing and a curse for those of us who spend our lives in this industry, because while its incredible to have thousands of new minds join the

Updating Content: A Quick and Easy Way to Win More Traffic

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The Mediavision content team, otherwise known as “those weird guys from the corner”, are always asking themselves the same question when it comes to kicking a content-heavy site up a gear. Do we update or repurpose existing content, or do we let bygones be bygones and get to work producing great new content? The answer,

How to Measure Content Marketing Success

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measurement content Content is one of those things that every marketer and brand manager worth their salt knows is important. They also know that it works. Unfortunately, the ‘how’ is where people start to get lost. Because content isn’t always related to direct sales, it can be difficult to measure whether a campaign has been successful, particularly

How To Start A Podcast To Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

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how-to-make-a-podcast Podcasting has been around for several years, but its popularity has begun to grow at an incredible rate as many realise there’s still a gap in the market for great podcasts to flourish. Although tough, there are a large number of direct and indirect benefits to podcasting that we’ll cover in this blog. Podcasts have the

Creating Content That Targets Customers at Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

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Sales-Funnel Content continues to be the lifeblood of marketing activities across all mediums and platforms, be it traditional or digital marketing. Consequently, content marketing budgets are set to soar, according to a recent study by IBM and the CMO Club. The results of a digital survey of 100 CMO’s found that a staggering 57% of them

Serving Nachos for Dessert; Why Audience Analysis Matters

Listening to Your Audience is the only way to understand what they truly want. Creating content for a digital audience often feels like running a restaurant, complete with screaming people, flying dishes and weird smells. For content creators and restaurateurs alike, it’s absolutely vital to understand what a target market wants right now, and to develop the kind of relationship with those people that allows you to gather that

Blogging vs Content Marketing. Wait – Aren’t They the Same Thing?

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Content Marketing has been the buzz word on everyone’s lips for a while now, but a lot of people still don’t understand how it really differs from brand blogging. They’re both just creating content for your site right? Content continues to be the backbone of an integrated digital approach to marketing. That means it also