Google Mythbusters – The Value of Indirect Ranking Signals

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indirect ranking signals When creating an SEO strategy, it is important to consider both direct and indirect ranking signals. In this blog post, we will be focusing on some of the most commonly used indirect ranking factors.   So what’s the difference between Direct & Indirect Ranking Signals? Direct ranking signals are simply those that Google and other search engines

The Impact of Accelerated Mobile Pages on User Experience

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Google AMP AMP’s – What You Need to Know Google’s implementation of accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) raises questions about user experience. Web pages to now load four times faster on mobile devices than ever before. The AMP Project website launched by Google to keep us up to date on the AMP strategy. Websites with slow loading time

Fashion Pandamonium

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Fashion-pandamonium At MediaVision we specialise in helping brands develop or improve their digital presence, and we partner with high-end fashion brands regularly. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to create a blog devoted to how different Google algorithms affect fashion brands and their digital platforms. Google recently released an abundance of

SEO Tips: How To Use Your Old Content To Boost Your Organic Traffic

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Everyone knows fresh content is key for SEO. But the opportunity to drive traffic is always there, and even something small like refreshing a blog post can deliver great results. In this post we’ll go through a small case study that we did for a client. All we did was refresh the content of an

Critical Blunders to Avoid When Updating Your Website Platform

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Everyone likes a shiny new toy, but when it comes to websites, specifically platform migrations and upgrades, here’s a word of caution not to rush things. There are many stakeholders in a website redesign and a lot of things that can go wrong, so ensure you get your planning right and involve all the right

Internationalise Your SEO Strategy

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internationlisation Technology has evolved immensely in the last few years, allowing us to share information at the speed of light and to perform trade almost anywhere in the world, without the constraints of physical location. A vast number of enterprises have, of course, jumped at the opportunity. However, there are those businesses that are frightened by

What’s The Real ROI of Content Marketing?

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content-its-kind-of-a-big-deal We all know that the traditional ideas around SEO are no longer effective. Moz already had a whiteboard session on how link building should become link earning – hence the push for content marketing. However, some agencies tend to cower away from it because how can you measure the success of content, regardless of how

The Complications of a Comeback: How to Implement a Successful Rebrand

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Companies undergo rebrands for various reasons – for some, it happens because they’ve outgrown their original persona and wish to update their company perception; others, because they want to generate buzz after being long-forgotten and outshone by competitors. Some implement a rebrand when they wish to move their business in a new direction, or find