Combining PR and SEO strategies – Good for Business or Absolute Necessity?

Combining-PR-and-SEO-strategies Just like almost every marketing method available, PR has had to evolve to a huge extent in order to remain valuable and effective in the digital age. Indeed, in the last decade, this rarely discussed aspect of a brand’s digital marketing efforts has proven itself to be a bigger contributor to a success than many

5 Tips For Coaxing Your Client To Make The International Leap

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extra-mile-300x208 5 Tips In Coaxing Your Client To Make The International Leap A company’s most important asset is its customers. Client service is a fundamental part of our jobs and it’s critical to the success of any business. At MediaVison, our agency really is an extension of our clients’ marketing team. We are fully aware of the

Five Foundations for Smiling Agency Clients

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You get some good ones, some great ones and oh boy, you get some tough ones. Love them a lot, or a little less than that, clients are the reason any agency (and business) exists. With such a hefty weigh in on the priority scale, they are worth looking after as much as possible. As

DickiesStore – Social Media Case Study

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case_study An integrated approach to digital marketing In March of 2013 a significant transformation took place in the manner in which social media was being looked at by the team at DickiesStore. Up until this point there were a few postings on their Facebook page of the specials they were running on their products. There was

A house divided cannot stand

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Clients like to meddle in operations that they think they know about. Unfortunately, they can mess up PPC campaigns or even SEO efforts by making minor edits to their Adwords account or small changes to their website after optimisation is complete. Clients need to realise that when they have put a task in your hands

TraceTec – Client

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You have these moments when you feel you have accomplished something, you sit back, look at it, smile. Tracetec, one of our reseller’s clients, a site completely done in Flash. A total nightmare when it comes to SEO. No text for search engines to crawl, always a bit of a challenge. The site itself, is