Serving Nachos for Dessert; Why Audience Analysis Matters

Listening to Your Audience is the only way to understand what they truly want. Creating content for a digital audience often feels like running a restaurant, complete with screaming people, flying dishes and weird smells. For content creators and restaurateurs alike, it’s absolutely vital to understand what a target market wants right now, and to develop the kind of relationship with those people that allows you to gather that

How Digital is Changing Consumer Behaviour

The digital era has and will continue to change social trends, which in turn directly affects consumer behaviour and demands. The change in consumer behaviour can be hard to understand or even recognise, but brands today need to realise that it is happening and they need to change and adapt their customer service accordingly. The
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Google Search Just Got Real with RankBrain

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Meet RankBrain If you’ve typed a search phrase into Google in the past few months chances are your query was interpreted by an artificial intelligence system nicknamed RankBrain, a system that took Google engineers, search specialists and deep-learning experts almost a year to roll out. Intelligent machines According to Greg Corrado, senior research scientist at Google, the

How to SEO Your WordPress Blog 101

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Before we get going, here is a quick round up of the topics we will discuss in this post: 1. Introduction to Yoast SEO 2. 6 Must Do Steps 3. How to Use Yoast in Your Posts 4. How to Use Keywords 5. How to Create Your Meta Titles and Descriptions IN THE BEGINNING… So

Blogging vs Content Marketing. Wait – Aren’t They the Same Thing?

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Content Marketing has been the buzz word on everyone’s lips for a while now, but a lot of people still don’t understand how it really differs from brand blogging. They’re both just creating content for your site right? Content continues to be the backbone of an integrated digital approach to marketing. That means it also

Using Vine for a Great Halloween Campaign

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It’s Halloween weekend which is a great opportunity for brands to jump on the user generated content train. While getting followers to submit user generated content can be tricky to do, pairing up with a holiday where fun is the theme inspires followers to show off and share the fun they have. Because Halloween is

Blogging – Like a Fine Wine

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While many SEO agencies have been concerned about the projected death of blogging at the hands of the new juggernaut of social media, reports currently show that blogging continues to defy the odds and show strong signs of growth over the last months, not to mention positive projections for the future as well. In reports

Don’t forget your website!

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Years ago online activity was static and simple. People visited websites and then emailed the address at the bottom of the page for further interaction. How we use the internet now is very different and dynamic, with online interaction increasingly transferring to social network sites. In the era of social media businesses are constantly advised