Integrated Reporting & Storytelling

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Not the most exciting or sexy topic but pertinent nevertheless, so bear with me and I’ll make it worth your while at the end… 🙂 We are all aware that the integration of digital marketing channels is critical to the success of holistic marketing campaigns – but the question is how do we measure it

Using Analytics for Remarketing

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Most paid search marketers use, or should be using, remarketing within their Adwords accounts. Remarketing is generally regarded as an Adwords function, and does not play as big a role in Analytics. While this may be partly true, Analytics does offers some advantages, options and insights that Adwords cannot with regards to remarketing. If you

Google Treats App Aficionados to Mobile Analytics

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In a recent Analytics boom, Google has just introduced a mobile app that provides on-the-go Analytics. On top of this, Mobile App Analytics provides developers with the opportunity to gauge how well their precious applications are performing. Stay with us as we iron out these two new features. Related posts: No related posts.

Social Reports Get Backlinks Tracking from Google Analytics

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Building on the new service offering of Social Reports for Google Analytics users, Google is now offering backlinks tracking in order for social media professionals to gauge and track success to analyse the success of campaigns. Back in March, Google rolled out the social report offering so that Webmasters could track where their social media

Google Officially Launches AdWords for Video Advertising

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Google has just released major changes to their AdWords platform that is set to heavily influence the way video advertising is purchased in the future. Just as Google has done with targeted online advertising through Google AdWords in the past, so they are set to do with video advertising from here on. Much like the

Google Analytics – Winds of Change

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Version Five of Google Analytics imposes some interesting new changes to a system which many came to enjoy using in order to track their online campaigns. The updated look and feel has also altered the reporting in a few ways, some drastic, and some for the better. Google is attempting to layer a Chrome-like look
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SMX London Coverage: Search Analytics And Competitive Intelligence

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Speakers: David Sottimano – Distilled John Straw – Linkdex     David Sottimano – Distilled We are all faced by the  typical CEO’s question:– why are we not number 1? As experts we can give a technical answer. But we actually need a clear answer, not just stats. They need something to work off, an

How to Accurately Measure the Effectiveness of Experimental Online Marketing Strategies

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When it comes to measuring effectiveness of a particular online marketing strategy, campaign or experimental implementation that you’re trying out on your website, it’s imperative that you are able to implement effective performance management in order to track exactly which tactics are doing what as far as your site’s performance goes. We’ve all been to