Calculating ROI on SEO: Why and How

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Calculating the ROI of SEO One of the most significant benefits of digital marketing is that the results of digital campaigns can be measured much more accurately than those of traditional marketing. In the past, one could only gauge the effectiveness of millions spent on something like billboard advertising, by calculating the increase in total sales. You had no real

Google to Roll Out New Smart Goals for Conversion Tracking

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Smart Goals Smart Goals: Optimising Towards Shared Data & Soft Metrics Being able to accurately measure conversions is essential to almost every business online. While many already use conversion tracking to optimise their websites, as well as bids and ads, there are still hundreds of thousands of small businesses that don’t have a way to measure conversions or optimise their

Identify & Implement: 8 Ways to Streamline Your E-Commerce Site

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So you’ve spent days cultivating a creative campaign to make your brand stand out over the silly season and to direct potential customers to your site, but have you given much thought to what they will do once they land on your site, how your e-commerce platform will perform with such an influx of visitors,

The How-To Google Analytics: Enhanced Ecommerce Upgrade

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ecommerce-setup-GA I work with quite a few ecommerce clients, and doing my research and constant development in Google Analytics I came across this section called “Enhanced Ecommerce”. Google Analytics seems to constantly up the ante and this new upgrade should be taken notice of and implemented on your online retailer’s site. Implementation should not be a

Google Analytics and Attribution Modelling Guide

Interaction-Model There is so much talk and hype about attribution modelling with combined digital channels. The channel pipes are getting more and more complex (before we even look at offline) – it’s become so important from a strategic point of view to understand each channel and what it delivers in an overall marketing mix. Budgets need


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attribution-300x275 In this exciting digital age, everything is measurable, from consumer behaviour to advertising performance. Transparency is paramount, and as advertising spend increases, so comes an unprecedented expectation of accountability and proving ROI. Unfortunately, there is no one “path to purchase”. Consumers are exposed to numerous brand touch points in a variety of orders.  It gets

Size Matters: The Importance of Measurement and Target Setting

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sizematters In the world of digital marketing, it’s easy to become complacent and place content on our social sites or blogs simply for the sake of crossing a task off our ever-growing to-do list or creating ‘content for content’s sake’. However, this simply isn’t good enough. If you want to maximise results for your client and

Not Provided 100% Of All Organic Search Queries – Now what?

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The day we have been dreading has arrived. `It was inevitable’ many would say, but now that it’s done, we need to work out “where do we go from here?” Google announced earlier this week that they have ‘secured’ all searches leading to organic search query referrer data to go Considering that 70% of search