Chat Wars: Twitter Takes on WhatsApp

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Twitter shifts into the market of mobile chat with their latest upgrade.

twitter app

Twitter is stepping up the competition with WhatsApp as it starts to improve its direct messaging tool to work as a chat application. This comes after the ever-popular WhatsApp was bought by Facebook earlier this year. As the social network ups the ante on their platform in an effort to attract more users, we’ll see if their attempt to break into an already saturated market will pay off.

With a 140 character limit, Twitter’s DMs have had limited appeal to people


Simple Social Mobile Marketing for Summer

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social mobile marketing

The summer holidays are finally here, the weather is heating up and the general public are leaving the safety of their offices, ditching their laptops at home, and venturing outside into the sunshine. But what does this mean for brands who have built their marketing around an integrated digital strategy? Luckily for digital natives, the truth is, even the most dedicated tanner will take a break between their Mimosas to have a sneaky check of their Twitter feed on their phone.  Keeping this in mind, summer may be the perfect time to embrace mobile and take a more social


OnePlus: Disrupting The Mobile Market? – Case Study

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Chances are that you may not be familiar with OnePlus. At the end of the day, it’s not like they have been on TV lately, and they have certainly not appeared in the newspapers either.

If you are a techno-geek like me however, and love those little gadgets called “mobile handsets”, the possibilities of you knowing what I’m talking about are much bigger, as they have definitely been in every mobile phone related e-zine and blog under the sun for a few months now.



Is Hacking Good For Business?

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Burger King Hack Infographic

On the 4th of July, federal prosecutors charged a man for the hijacking of Burger King’s Twitter account in 2013.

In February of that year, the Burger King Twitter account got hacked and become McDonalds. The very next day Jeep became Cadillac. Within days, other well known companies reported via Twitter that they too were hacked. And it seemed that MTV and BET also fell victim, as MTV became BET and vice versa, both tweeting harmless self-promotion remarks that were later revealed to be one big hoax. The two cable channels appeared as if they were hacked but essentially switched