Farewell Google Authorship – But Here’s What To Do Now

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Google AuthorshipTowards the end of June, Google had bloggers and content marketers up in arms when they completely removed Google authorship photos from search results. These changes normally come as no surprise, as anyone who works in digital knows that Google giveth and Google taketh away. However, this development left more than the usual sting, seeing that Google spent considerable time and energy encouraging webmasters and content developers to make use of Google authorship, for the benefit of increased click throughs, personal branding and credibility. There was a flurry of


Things (NOT) To Do With Your Christmas Marketing Campaign

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If you’re in the business of marketing by now you will surely have realised that it is all about Christmas this time of the year. You understand that great campaigns are not something that you can create overnight and hence the importance of planning ahead.

We’ve already covered some of the most successful campaigns of 2013, some of the funniest ever Christmas advertisements and also given you some tips on how to engineer a successful marketing campaign, so on this occasion we want to give you a few tips on what NOT to do if you really


You Should Have Told me

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Our Top 10 PR Pearls of Wisdom

When venturing into PR it can feel like a bit of a minefield.  There will be an hour where every rule in the book applies and then an hour where every rule must be broken.   Almost daily the words ‘I wish someone had told me’ can float around in your head when a ‘PR crisis’ occurs.  So without further ado, here is my top 10 list of things ‘I wish someone had told me’.

1.  The importance of the little black book….

Contacts are the holy grail of PR.  It can take weeks,


Marketing Campaigns: Funny Christmas Advertisements

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Ugly Christmas Jumper Made With Coke Zero Christmas App

Not everyone likes Christmas. Marketers know this, and some of them have decided to target those people.

A bit of culture before the entertainment…

Every year, on the 25th December, Christian countries are celebrating Christmas values. I think most of us really love Christmas for its magical spirit; all those lights, those gifts wrapped in a glittering paper that we are delighted to offer and to receive, and above all, the food… oh yes, the Christmas food !

But we need to remember that Christmas has not always been so funny. Even though we tend to forget it, Christmas is