Marketing Campaigns: Funny Christmas Advertisements

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Ugly Christmas Jumper Made With Coke Zero Christmas App

Not everyone likes Christmas. Marketers know this, and some of them have decided to target those people.

A bit of culture before the entertainment…

Every year, on the 25th December, Christian countries are celebrating Christmas values. I think most of us really love Christmas for its magical spirit; all those lights, those gifts wrapped in a glittering paper that we are delighted to offer and to receive, and above all, the food… oh yes, the Christmas food !

But we need to remember that Christmas has not always been so funny. Even though we tend to forget it, Christmas is


Sack of Coal or Christmas Goal?

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christmas competition

Here’s How to Plan a Fantastic Festive Campaign.

It’s arguably the biggest event in the retail calendar, and according to Bloomberg, last year’s UK Christmas retail sales beat forecasts with a record increase. Most retailers plan their festive campaigns long in advance, so if you haven’t thought ahead to the season of Santa, you’d better start now. It won’t be a very merry Christmas if you lose out in what is the most profitable period of the year.

Competition is tough in the festive season – every shop and brand is screaming for attention, so you really need


5 Steps to a Successful Christmas Campaign

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5 Steps To A Successful Christmas Campaign

Christmas is only a few months away and if you have not started working on your Christmas campaigns, it is time to get going. Here’s a look at the top campaigns from 2013, why they worked and how you can achieve success in 2014.

Many brands spend most of the year preparing for the holidays. The Christmas campaigns in 2013 were bigger and more intense than ever. From commercials, to interactive websites, to social media contests, there’s always a fair share of top-notch marketing going on in November and December – and if


The How-To Google Analytics: Enhanced Ecommerce Upgrade

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I work with quite a few ecommerce clients, and doing my research and constant development in Google Analytics I came across this section called “Enhanced Ecommerce”. Google Analytics seems to constantly up the ante and this new upgrade should be taken notice of and implemented on your online retailer’s site.

Implementation should not be a hindrance if you have a great relationship with your partner dev agencies. I am one of the lucky ones that work with a few fantastic development agencies so this transition was easy. When we add these new insights to our war chest, Enhanced Ecommerce will